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Elisabeth Kampel

With my company klarFAKT e.U. I am working as a self-employed entrepreneur in the field environmental protection and climate change since 2020. I studied ‘Environmental Consulting – Waste Management and Disposal Techniques’ at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna and integrated also lectures from three other Universities in Austria, France and Australia. During my professional career at the Environment Agency Austria my focus broadened from waste management to climate change mitigation and adaptation. In various international projects I cooperated with the European Environment Agency, the European Commission and many countries. With my expertise I contributed for more than ten years to the European Topic Center for Climate Change Mitigation and Energy. Beyond that I am a certified review expert for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). I speak German (mother tongue), English and French fluently.

It is very important for me to engage beside my international activities also in Austria, and contribute hereby to the necessary societal transformation. For this reason I enjoy to work with schools, companies and various interest groups and share my knowledge. My objective is to contribute to a better understanding of the urgency and complexity of global heating. Building upon that, I develop with my customers concrete measures and solutions. As only together we can change the future!

Ongoing Projects
  • Team Leader in updating the National Determined Contribution of Montenegro
  • Supporting Moldavia, Belarus and Ukraine in updating their National Determined Contributions (NDC) within the framework of the EU4Climate Project
  • Providing consultancy to Belarus in preparing the 7th National Communication
  • Key expert in development of MRV tool for Serbia
  • Contributing to the preparation of the EU Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report 2020 and 2021 within the European Topic Center for Climate Change Mitigation and Energy (ETC/CME)
  • Participation as Review Expert for Sector Waste in the Comprehensive Review (2020) of Member States' greenhouse gas inventories under the Effort Sharing Decision
Projects, I was involved before 2020
  • Twinning Projects West Balkan Countries (Project Management, Component Lead, Short Term Expert)
  • European Topic Center for Air Pollution and Climate Change Mitigation (Senior Expert)
  • European Topic Center for Climate Mitigation and Energy (Senior Expert)
  • European Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  • Quality checking of policies and measures reported by EU Member States
  • Review of Air Emission Inventories of EU Member States
  • Austrian Greenhouse Gas and Air Emission Inventory
  • Analysis of 'Low Carbon Development Strategies (LCDS)' of various countries
CV and Publications
  • If you are interested in my CV or my publication list, let me know!