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Integration of environmental measures

The current effort of the 186 Parties to achieve the UN Climate target of limiting global warming to well below 2 ° C will not be sufficient. Additional efforts are needed, also from the private sector. For this reason the contribution of companies to fight climate change leading to irreversible losses and damage is of great importance and shall not be neglected.

My objective is to guide small and medium enterprises on a path with continuous improvement of their environmental and climate performance. As the successful implementation of measures, requires the participation of employers, the clear communication of this additional corporate objective is essential. It must be clear to everyone why specific procedures need to changed, and what the benefits are. During a workshop the urgency to act will be communicated and discussed. This will ensure that the idea of reducing the ecological and carbon footprint of the enterprise is supported by employees and that everyone can be part in the development of measures.

To quantify the environmental impacts of a company and to disclose any improvement made, an analysis of the current state and the potential for improvement is necessary. This will also allow to track progress made. Hereby the following areas are of importance:

  • Energy Management: heating/cooling, lighting, ICT, appliances/machines
  • Mobility: daily ways to work, business trips, delivery routes
  • Procurement/Resource use/Eating habits at work
  • Waste management

What is your benefit?

Disclose saving potentials and realise benefits

Achieve environmental benefits

Strenghtening solidarity among employees

Act as a role model and inspire others

Environmental Awareness as Competitive Advantages

Continous improvement with increasing benefits