Services for Schools

Understanding global heating and taking action

Knowledge sharing and Climate Action in Schools

For all types of schools I offer lectures, workshops or projects in the field of climate change and sustainable living, to raise awareness among the adults of tomorrow and guide them to an environmental and climate friendly way of living. For bigger projects I can also provide support in acquiring some funding.

Possible Climate Projects for Young People

Here you find some proposals for possible school projects, which vary in duration and effort. Coordination with the responsible teacher(s) is required, to ensure that the program/projects meets the expectations and needs.
one-time Workshop
  • listen, discuss, understand & motivate
  • several interactive workshops covering specific subjects
Picture exhibition
  • documentation of causes, changes and solutions
  • Interviews by pupils with the objective to analyse the others perception
  • joint development of a play/film on the subject of climate change
Impact monitoring
  • guided collection of data to measure the personal environmental footprint
Environmental School-Check
  • Analysis of resource, energy and water consumption, waste management and mobility
Best eco-performing class
  • Selection of the most environmental-friendly class based on pre-defined criteria
Awareness Training for Teachers
  • Consultancy how environment and climate issues can be integrating in education