It is time to act, for our environment and our climate!


Our actions have negative impacts on us and on our environment. That’s klarFAKT.
We need to apply our knowledge, our technologies and our resources to change this. That’s klarFAKT.
With my expertise, I can support you to take the right measures. That’s klarFAKT.
You would like to understand the subject Climate Change better?
klarFAKT – knowledge transfer, consultacy, analyses in the field of climate and environment
You would like to develop low emission development strategies?
klarFAKT – tailor made actions and measures for a sustainable change
You would like to raise the awareness for environmental issues among your pupils or your colleagues?
klarFAKT - for companies, schools and other institutions
You are in need of support to fulfill international reporting obligations?
klarFAKT – international project partner for climate change and air pollution

Awareness & Knowledge

Lectures & Workshops

Global warming – Why? How much? What to do?
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Monitoring & Reporting

For countries & organisations

What are the sources of emissions? How much is emitted?
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Measures & Strategies

For countries and organisations

How can greenhouse gas emissions be reduced?
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Other Services

Ideas and Projects

consultancy for schools, national climate projects, cooperations, initiatives, …read more