What's wrong with our climate?!?

Fact based knowledge

Understanding as the basis for actions

t is important to me, to share my knowledge, which I acquired during my university education and my longlasting engagement as national and international climate change senior expert, with young people and adults. I see myself as a bridge between science and society. The media but also within our daily life we are confronted with climate change and its impacts. Nevertheless it is still difficult to understand the critical processes and their interactions. My opinion is that comprehending the causes, the consequences and our influencing power, makes it easier to change our habits.
I offer lectures and workshops for various institutions or interest groups, whereby the content will be amended to the individual need. This spans from introductory lectures to grasp climate crisis to discussions on specific subjects.

Possible Topics for Workshops or Lectures

Why is the earth heating up?
What are the consequences of global warming?
How does air pollution and climate change interact?
What is emission trading and how does it work?
What means climate change for Austria?
What happens at the political level?
How do deal with climate skepticism?
What's the impact of climate mitigation measures?
How are greenhouse gas emissions estimated?
What can I do to fight global warming?
What do emission scenarios tell us?
How can we adapt to climate change?