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Act and think mindful of future generations

Getting active together

Global heating concerns all economic activities, all regions, all societies – for this reason cooperation and engagement of all actors is essential. Therefore, klarFakt is always open for a cooperation with new project partners to deal with their specific requests or ideas.

Our main interests are:

Sustainable Mindsetting

The application of technical solutions will not be enough to stop global heating. Society also needs the right mindset to support the change.

Nutrition and Climate

The way we eat has a massive impact not only on our health, but also on the climate. Climate-friendly and healthy nutrition complement each other. Synergies need to be better analyzed and communicated.

New mobility concepts:

A continuation of our individual motorized transport system is not line with fighting climate change – even with e-mobility. It needs new shared mobility concepts, better public transport systems, and increased attractiveness of public transport, as well as walking and cycling.

Circular Economy

Our natural resources are limited, so it is important to use raw materials sustainably and to keep them in circulation. This requires behavioral changes in purchasing, use and disposal.

Austrian Environment Label for Schools

As an accredited consultant, I support schools in achieving pre-defined environmental standards and achieve the Austrian Environment Label. Measures are taken in various areas, such as nutrition, waste management, energy consumption, mobility and health, and need to be part of the education.

In exchange with various actors from the private sector, educational institution, interest groups and administrative institutions, new ideas are constantly emerging. Some of these ideas really deserve to be worked on together and to formulate project applications and seek for possible funding opportunities. klarFAKT is always open for cooperation in research but also implementation projects!