Achieving emission reductions

From Talking to Acting

Climate Neutrality is the only solution

The simple decision to become climate neutral and act sustainable is not sufficient. It needs an agreement on concrete measures and their implementation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase carbon sinks. Finding this agreement is commonly a lengthy political process, which makes it all the more important to have a well-founded basis for decision-making and a line of arguments.
The range of possible measure is usually large, and a selection shall be made on the basis of defined criteria (e.g. effectiveness, costs, acceptance). Based on the selected measures, emission scenarios can be made, which can help to set emission reduction targets but can also support to evaluate the achievement of such.

Define and follow development paths

As the achievement of climate neutrality requires a complete transformation of our economy and society, it needs robust and well-coordinated strategies, which build on concrete measures to make the necessary change a reality.
We offer our expertise in the following areas:
Estimation of impacts
Development of emission scenarios
Mainstreaming across policy sectors
Analysis of co-benefits & response measures
Stakeholder consultation
Support gender equality
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Alignment with SDGs
Progress Tracking
Development of climate change strategies
Setting emission reduction targets
Implementation roadmaps