Capacity Building

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Tailor-Made Support and Training Workshops

Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Parties to the Paris Agreement are subject to certain reporting obligations. These country-specific reports allow the monitoring of global greenhouse emissions, a precondition to assess progress in achieving the emission reduction targets. These reports are the basis for global climate negotiations and climate actions to cope with the climate crisis. My focus is with MRV (measurement, reporting and verification). Here I support based on my 15-year long experience countries in elaborating inventories, action plans and strategies. As a certified review expert of the UNFCCC, I also perform various reviewing activities, and I am therefore familiar with the challenges Parties may experience. It is very important to me that my support is adapted to the needs and specific circumstances of the respective country.

Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollutant Inventories

Establishing a National System, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Key Category Analysis, Sector Specific Support in Calculating Emissions, Writing of National Inventory Reports (as required under CLRTAP or UNFCCC), etc.

Policies and Measures, Emission scenarios and emission reduction targets

Analysis of Emission Trends (decomposition analysis), Update of National Determined Contributions (UNFCCC), Development of Low-Carbon Strategies, Monitoring and Evaluation of Policies and Measures, Writing of National Communications and Biennial (Update) Reports (UNFCCC), etc.

Reviewing activities

Review of National Air Emission (according to NEC and CLRTAP) and Greenhouse Gas Inventories (according to UNFCCC und EU MMR), Review of National Communications and Biennial (Update) Reports, Review of National Energy and Climate plans, etc.